Leading Edge to host Sexual Assault Awareness Day


Sexual assault has been a widely-discussed issue at colleges and universities around the country in recent years. Fortunately, Lipscomb University is an exception to the rule when it comes to sex-related crimes on campus. But that does not mean Lipscomb’s students are brushing the topic aside. The Leading Edge will host a “Sexual Assault Awareness Day” on April 5 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. to equip Lipscomb’s students with knowledge about sexual assault and what to do to prevent it should a situation arise.

“Our main purpose behind this event is to help Lipscomb students recognize the dangerous threats that exist,” said Caleb Heronimus, a sophomore member of the Leading Edge.

The event will be set up at the front desk of the Bennett Campus Center, where Leading Edge members will pass out brochures and other information. Freebies such as wristbands, cookies, and punch will be available to those who participate in a trivia game. The group has partnered with Christie Cookies, who donated 250 cookies to the cause. The Metro Police Department will also have three officers on hand to further educate students on the topic.

“I am especially encouraged by the collaborative nature of the Leading Edge displayed by partnering with Christie Cookies, Sodexho, and the Metro Police for this event,” said Smith.

“Although (sexual assault) is a serious topic, we are trying to tell students about it in a way that is not overbearing. We hope that this event will positively impact the lives of students,” Heronimus mentioned.

The Leading Edge is a student-led group that seeks out areas on campus that need improvement. The group then creates an executable plan to make the necessary changes. Sam Smith, Lipscomb’s Dean of Student Life, created the leadership group in the fall of 2014 and he currently serves as the group’s facilitator.

“Lipscomb is proud to have student leaders on campus who are willing to create educational moments on our campus for their peers,” said Smith.

The group has recently hosted a Halloween get-together, Christmas Devotional, and a Human Trafficking Awareness Day. More is on the way, according to Heronimus.

“Our main goal with the Leading Edge events is to reach out to students in a way that inspires positive change on our campus. We truly believe in Lipscomb and pray that God continues to work in amazing ways in our community.”

The Leading Edge welcomes all students and staff to stop by the Student Center on Tuesday to learn more about the dangers of sexual assault and what can be done to put a stop to it.

Other members of the group include: sophomores Rachael Clark, Delaney Gilbert, and Bria Harris and freshman Leslie Garcia, Rachel Heronimus, Peggy Miller, Brandon Moon, Steven Kleinschmidt, and Collin Vasseur.

This article was also scheduled to appear on Lipscomb’s official school website



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